2024 Havens Labyrinth Run | 2024 Promenade (THE REAL(er) RACE INFO CLICK HERE)  


Your journey begins with a trek to the Labyrinth. We've located our staging area as close as we dare.

Assemble then, at 9am on the selected date of November 23, 2024 - a Saturday which should afford you time for this worthy endeavor.

You will find the journey to Labyrinth relatively easy, although not too easy.

This journey will be unlike any past iteration! The road is undiscovered and ready for your adventurous soul to accomplish!

You will not even be close to done however, after your approach; complete the journey TO the Labyrinth -- and then, its in you go!

At the center of it all you must retrieve a piece of treasure -- to prove your might, and return us a portion of the lost spoils of yesteryear.

You know what else is at the center of a Labyrinth right? On second thought, maybe I shouldn't tell you... but your journey isn't quite over - even after conquering this!

Now you must escape the Labyrinth... done by, incredibly, repeating your trip there in reverse!

You will be rewarded for your efforts with cloth, drink, baubles, and nourishment.
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