Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for coming out for the 2023 Havens Trail Run!

We got results:
2023 Results

We got pics:
Havens 2023 John Knepper Photos

If you have any questions on the results or any questions at all,
please contact me at bob.wooten@gmail.com.

UPDATE 12/2 - Shirts are in! If you want to pick yours up
from me in Leavenworth sometime, just send me an email, or Facebook Message me.

A lot of you I'll be seeing at a run sooner or later will distribute then.

Otherwise they will be mailed to address used on Ultrasignup in the coming days.

UPDATE 11/29 - I got good news and good news and bad news:
Good: They finally told me something!
Good: They are coming expected delivery 12/2. (production issues?)
Bad: Boy are you gonna be disappointed.
Consolation: You get a finisher award too (probably).
The last couple people that signed up, I don't have a finisher award, but
everyone that signed up online, even past deadline, will get a t-shirt.
Thank you for your patience!

What do we not have? Shirts! Jeez-Louise. I am not sure what happened,
but I still don't have them. Must have been the slow boat from China (actually they are printed in the US).

Slow truck from Florida? Anyway... they are coming!! I don't want to flood you all with emails so
when they come in, I will update this page. It may still be a week or more? Not sure, but they ARE
coming! I also have some finisher awards, those are in. If you were at the after-party you may have
received yours. They will be distributed from here same time as the shirts.

If there is any way you are ever this way, I'd like to hand them to you, but otherwise they are going
to be mailed. Sorry about the wait! But really, check this page and I will update the status when I
have an update.

Thanks again for coming out, and thank you to:
Peter Benson and Buddy Wooten for volunteering!
(and John Frank and Ana and Suzie for cleanup)

Thanks to Anita Gonzalez for the aid-station, and Chris Hendrickson of course for building
and maintaining these trails and helping me mark them.

Thanks to Justin and the 11Worth Brewhouse for the great beer!

See you all next year!

--The 2024 Havens will exceed all expectations--

Expect the best yet, by a lot.

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